On 14th February 2020, EUL spearheaded and hosted electricity sector players to re-establish the defunct Electricity and Generators Association of Uganda (EGADAU). The electricity sector players began the process of establishing EGADAU back in 2013 but did not close on making it functional.

The EUL Managing Director, Ms Thozama Gangi briefly shared the history, objectives and expected benefits of forming the association amongst the electricity sector players for them to appreciate the need to revive the association.

The association was envisioned to address the challenges faced by the various electricity sector players since the unbundling and privatisation of the sector. This was on the premise that the sector operates in a space that was previously occupied by Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) handling the generation and distribution roles in the sector. 

The sector challenges that EGADAU intends to address include; - minimal and irregular information dissemination and sharing between parties, uninformed press reports on energy sector and renewable energy projects and high mobility of skilled personnel coupled with a shallow skills pool among others.

To address the sector challenges, EGADAU is grounded on the objectives which are planned to lobby and advocate for a viable investment environment, a viable tariff setting regime and the enactment of policies, laws and reforms to support members among others.

The association will act as a sector information resource to develop and maintain an updated directory of Generators and Distributors, develop a resource center documenting all forms of energy, promote timely and accurate publication of matters relating to the association members and conduct research and contribute to the development of literature and practice in the sector.

The association will also promote best practice and develop sector relevant technical skills by supporting initiatives of the regulator and develop industry best practice with a view of developing a culture of compliance and clear practice guidelines. Through the association, the sector players will work with the government agencies to create sustainable educational and training programs as well as co-ordinate with government to create relevant technical programs and workshops.

The key expected benefits of the association include; - having one voice and advocate for an operating environment that supports economic development and influence policy development in the sector. The  association is expected to minimize inaccuracies in media coverage about generators and distributors, recognize diverse forms of energy and how their coordinated utilization through the promotion of renewable energy generation could ease pressure on biomass, provide a one stop point for information on investors and operators and sharing and celebrating best practices while developing relevant technical skills.

The Chairman of Uganda Bankers Association (UBA), Mr. Patrick Mweheire was invited as the key note speaker to share his experience from the banking sector and the UBA story. Mr. Mweheire encouraged the Electricity sector players to collaborate and have one voice which is the only better way to tell the sector's story. He added that only the sector players understand what is affecting and happening in the sector; therefore best placed to write the sector story.

The Managing Director Umeme Limited, Mr. Selestino Babungi advised the sector players not to work in silos, work as one voice which can be listened to. He highlighted that since the sector players face similar challenges in different territories, EGADAU is one of the avenues for the sector players to voice those challenges.