Jinja: Following the heavier than normal rains the Lake Victoria catchment areas have experienced in 2019, Eskom Uganda Limited (EUL) which operates and maintains the Nalubaale and Kiira power stations at Jinja has been closely monitoring the water levels of Lake Victoria that have been steadily rising since October 2019. It is our informed position that the current head water level trends are approaching the maximum and warning levels that would impede the operations and safety of the dams. Consequently Eskom Uganda Limited has sought and obtained permission from the Directorate of Water Resources and Management to spill water of up to 400 cubic meters per second – enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool every 6 seconds).

The exercise shall be a controlled release of water within permissible limits for the purpose of maintaining the water levels at the dam and downstream within the acceptable tolerance levels. Eskom Uganda will therefore be opening the spillway gates and begin the release of water from Friday 28th February 2020 until advised otherwise by the Directorate of Water Resources and Management. The amount of water spilled shall be a function of the day’s generation and the water permit, where if the generation for the day reduces, the water spilled shall increase, with the converse also applying.

The increased water flow during this period may negatively impact on some of the downstream activities like fishing, lakeside farming as well as other leisure activities conducted on the river. Eskom Uganda would like to appeal to the community to take extra precautions during the water spill. We would also like to appeal to the communities to listen out to regular radio announcements that Eskom Uganda shall be making to update the public at regular intervals. For further information the public and the media can contact

1. Eskom – Peter Tentena / Operations Manager / peter.tentena@eskom.co.ug / 0332 240 400.

2. Directorate of Water Resources and Management.

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