Press Release- 15 01 29 - Water Spill At Nalubaale Power Dam


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                                                                                                                  Jinja: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eskom Uganda Limited has today carried out tests on the sluices gates of Nalubaale Power Station NPS dam. The monumental exercise was preceded by months of rehabilitation works on the sluice gates. These gates have not been operated since 1999 (16 years) and were largely involuntarily “decommissioned” upon the coming online of the adjacent Kiira Power station that diverted most of the water that was being spilled previously. You will remember that before Kiira construction, there was a lot of “misting” and “water showers” along the bridge and we don’t have that any more. That was addressed through the creation of the new Kiira canal and subsequent utilization of this extra water for generating more power instead of “wasting” through the endless showers and misting.

However, the fact that the sluice gates were now “decommissioned” went against the spirit of the prudent utility operations that Eskom prides itself in. For flood control and emergency preparedness, the Kiira spillway gates, that are more flexible, are supposed to be engaged first. Then the NPS sluice gates will come in to support the exercise and provide the second option for flood control. This is how the two stations were designed and are supposed to be operated during any flood control emergency. NPS sluice gates being out of service bothered Eskom that it commissioned the exhaustive and extensive repairs on the sluice gates. The completion of these works is what you are witnessing today.

“As Eskom, we feel proud that we have achieved this milestone today. It was always a point of discussion with stakeholders and we decided to do the right thing and ensure the safety of the dam and our neighbours by rehabilitating these sluice gates. We plan to operate them once a year to ensure they are fully functional in case we need them for flood control”” said Ms Nokwanda Mngeni, Eskom Uganda Limited Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer.

The spectacular display has been witnessed by the board and management of Uganda electricity Generation Company Limited UEGCL, the government custodian of the power plants. The Directorate of Water Resources Management in the ministry of Water and environment, which grants and reinforces water usage permits for hydro power plants along the River Nile, sanctioned this exercise.




Eskom Uganda Ltd (EUL) was incorporated on 22nd November 2002 and commenced operations on 1st April 2003. Eskom Uganda Limited (EUL) is a subsidiary company of Eskom Enterprises (Proprietary) Limited- South Africa, the investment arm of Eskom Holdings Ltd; the leading electricity generation company in Africa. Eskom Uganda Limited operates and maintains the Nalubaale and Kiira power stations in Jinja to provide reliable and sustainable hydro power for national development.



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