Eskom takes its environmental responsibilities seriously with an overall objective of Zero
pollution to the environment. This has been enhanced by environmental protection
initiatives such as waste segregation at source, planting trees along the river banks, waste
recycling, routine maintenance of the units and regular maintenance of its ever green

Because of these environmental protection initiatives Eskom was recognised during the
World Clean Technology Summit on 28th September 2012 in Kampala where it won a Green
Pilot Award of Excellence.
Eskom carries out annual environmental audits and quarterly water testing at the intakes
and tail races. There were no environmental contraventions from the 2010 Audit and other
inspections by government agencies.
Going forward, EUL will particularly focus on behavioural change, through environmental
awareness and education programs, to ensure all its employees are committed to
environmental improvement and actively involved in following procedures, compliance
auditing and reporting activities.