Leading By Example

Leadership is a wide topic, and there is no one size that fits all. Which is why there is a concept called “situational leadership”. It also does not reside in one person; it changes hands depending on what the task is at hand. Even in the same organisation you get different situations which call for different leadership styles. And to complicate it even further, everyone is a leader in their own right, regardless of age, rank etc.

The context of this topic covers a situation where you lead a number of people who are at different levels like in our organization. If I can choose one example; we are going through change in a number of people oriented initiatives. Leadership in other areas cannot be the same for change initiatives.

Whatever the situation though, leading by example is the one variable that does not change. It is extremely important for the leader and the followers alike. Why? For the three reasons listed here under.


This is an extremely important trait for the leader. When you lead by example, you are reminded of what is important for the organization and also to abide by what is agreed on. Whether time or situation allows. And when you do something for the sake of it, the rest will more likely than not see right through you.


If you do not believe in the direction or actions the rest are taking, you better speak up. If not, you are better off going with them.

Taking away the excuse

Leading by example takes away the excuse. If for example the situation is cleaning the best thing is to put on the right gear and join in. This is such a morale booster for the others and also doubles up as bonding time.


Should you not believe in what is going on, please do not voice it to the others for they will quote you. Like in the case of authenticity, voice your concerns upfront.

With our busy schedules, it is so much easier to delegate. Yes delegation is being resourceful. Yet it takes away the experiences, including the bonding and seeing it for yourself. Not to mention the information and truths you will get. Information that will never find itself to your office.

Go on, be there, be seen and participate.