Giving That Gives

The seventh edition of the Eskom Open has come and gone, but the memories remained etched in our hearts. Jinja retained the professional’s title, and Tooro narrowly reclaimed it. I was so excited to see so many youngsters on the course, not to mention the fact that some walked away with prizes.

In mathematical and economic terms, when you subtract you remain with less. But I have learnt that there are areas where this does not apply, especially giving. When you give, you are supposed to have less. That was not the case this weekend.

First and foremost I would like to acknowledge and honor our Guest of Honor, Honorable John Byabagambi, the State Minister for Works. He brought with him the spirit of giving. He started by donating blood, played the course, brought some gifts and encouraged Jinja to give. He challenged his fellow parliamentarian present to sponsor two youngsters which I believe is done and dusted.

Secondly the President of the Uganda Golf Union started a campaign to raise funds for the 18 hole course. The Party responded and some sizeable amount was raised. I am told he had raised another sizeable amount for the same cause a few weeks earlier. My hat goes off not only to him but to his Entebbe colleagues who have taken it upon themselves to “boost” struggling clubs.

Last but not least fellow golfers you did not disappoint. As usual you came in your numbers. All the more reason to raise funds for the 18 hole course so that we can all finish play.

This weekend we saw the gift of giving in action. Eskom’s actions, the guest of honour’s actions, the UGU president’s actions all led to more giving.

Which begs the question: when last did you give? What are you waiting for?