The Energy Efficiency Week 2014 is Here!

This week is “the energy efficiency week 2014”; an annual event in the energy industry that is organized by the Ministry of Mineral and Energy Development.

Although dubbed “energy efficiency”, it really is about “electricity efficiency”. To this effect, an exhibition is held on an annual basis in different places to sensitize different communities on this issue. This week’s exhibition is being held at Forest Mall- parking, Lugogo and will take place from the 8th-13th. September. 2014.

So, what is energy efficiency? Why showcase it for a week? I may not be able to describe what it is, but it is about each and every one of us saving or reducing the amount of electricity we use.

A few years ago, the Ministry was distributing energy efficiency bulbs for free, in a bid to promote the same cause. It is about electricity usage awareness, using it only when needed. I recall there was a time when energy audits were even conducted.

Why do we need awareness and efficiency? If we all as users, large, industrial, commercial, domestic, do our bit, then we can postpone the need for new plants. We also reduce our own bills, meaning that it becomes a win win for both the country and ourselves. How can we do that? Let me list a few measures:

  • Using energy efficient bulbs
  • Cooking on the right size plate ( small pot on a small plate)
  • Using the kettle to boil water
  • Boiling only the amount you need
  • Using the oven only when absolutely necessary
  • Warming food in the microwave
  • Switching the plugs off on the wall when not in use
  • Switching off lights when rooms are not used
  • Using as much natural light as possible

The list is not exhaustive, but I think the point is that we all do our bit, thereby saving much for both ourselves and the country.

Why showcase for a week? Awareness, awareness, awareness. So that we can get to as many people as possible within a short space of time. I know I am being a crusader here, but for a worthy cause!!


Until next time!