I have been absent for a while, an indication of my schedule. It has been quite crazy for the last month or so.

Having seen the horrible video of the house help who physically abused the baby, I had long hard thoughts, referring back to thoughts I have had in the past. Being skeptical about bringing strangers in my house, but what choices do we have?

This brings me to the topic of this week: discernment. Discernment applies throughout our lives, but is very sensitive when it comes to house helps. I shall be back with that later.

What is discernment?  Encarta English dictionary defines it as keenly selective judgement. The Bible talks about discerning spirits. I promise that we all have it but very often ignore it. You may be interviewing someone for a position at work, you may be meeting someone for the first time, and something does not add up. If it is at work this person has the qualifications, skills and personality or behaviours but something does not add up. You cannot put your finger on it. That is discernment.

I have ignored it, allowed myself to be swayed by others and have paid dearly for the mistakes I made as a result. Sometimes someone cannot express themselves but you feel they have what it takes, you gamble and it pays off. That is discernment.

Whether it is at work, in the social setting, we need it. Let me go back to either house help or garden help. Let us say you are struggling with life issues, and you bring this person without discerning whether they are right for your household or not. It can work in two ways, either it helps you overcome the struggles or it worsens them.

In the case of nannies, it is even worse. They may not abuse your child but they may transfer spirits. If godly spirits, good for you but imagine evil spirits at that young age. We may not talk about it but we know how much witchcraft is practiced. Imagine bringing one of those in your home.

Of course as working mothers we tend to be desperate. We may have that feeling but it is overshadowed by the desperation of needing help right now. Let us discern spirits. As much as it sounds impractical, take impromptu leave if you have to. Your child is more important than the job. Train and study the behavior of the house help or nanny. If uncomfortable, let them go.

I repeat again, this even applies to the social and employment setting. We have enough problems as it is; let us not import other problems.

All the best with choosing who to allow into your space!!