Building Capacity

This is a season of performance discussion and personal development plans. This is not an easy task but I must admit I am trying and getting a bit better at it. The main point this season is the process of building capacity.

As far as Iam concerned, this is the process of both the reviewer and the one whose performance is being reviewed to formalize the discussions that have taken place before and put them in perspective. It is also about mutually identifying areas of improvement and agreeing on how to get there.

The most difficult part for me is realizing potential where the incumbent does not and getting it out. It not only requires patience but more importantly points of departure. Let's face it, it does not matter how good your intentions are, this is about someone else's career. Unless you agree on where you are, you are going nowhere. Meaning that as the reviewer you have to keep exploring.

As someone said, the process or looking at the mirror is never easy. Once that is recognized by both sides the conversation becomes much easier, which makes it easier to reflect on improvement areas whilst acknowledging the strong points.

Once done, the next thing is agreeing on the areas to work on with time frames, and the conversation stops there. The difficult part is implementation. Giving feedback, handholding, and having those difficult conversations on the tasks once again. It requires more from the reviewer, patience, restraint and resolve. The temptation of getting someone better is very strong, yet an old adage says; “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Commitment to the cause kicks in.

In the age of Internet and microwaves our patience has reduced, yet with humans there is no plug to switch on. When do we give up? Put differently, when is our best good enough? It is a two way journey. You measure progress and estimate when you will cross the line you agreed on. If never, you give up. The other person also has to agree on how fast or slow the progress is. But then again there are those who have somewhat unrealistic measures. I know I have not answered the quests; I leave it to your able discernment.

Until next time!!!